I’m a Traveller

To be able to write for the Traveller…yeah, that’s pretty up there on my list. So when a competition was released with the chance of winning a Gecko Tour Adventure around either Central America, Africa or South East Asia, as well as the opportunity to write for Traveller, I got writing. Here goes nothing: On … Continue reading I’m a Traveller

To be a World Nomad

Recently I took a leap of faith and did something I don’t normally like to do – put my writing up for judgement. I’ve applied for a Travel Writing Scholarship through World Nomads with the chance of winning an all-expenses paid trip around the Balkans while being mentored by Tim Neville, a professional travel writer … Continue reading To be a World Nomad

King ‘kong

The mighty ‘kong. We spent a night in a lovely guesthouse overlooking the Mekong River, which happened to house two particularly helpful travellers – an English man who had retired three years ago and, since then established a foundation and school teaching young adults in Laos to speak English; and another who was just overly … Continue reading King ‘kong