Japan 2017

Last time in Japan my GoPro decided to die three days into the trip and I managed to make a movie with the little scraps that I had. This time I had two GoPro’s and far too much footage to know what to do with. But this is what I came up with… Continue reading Japan 2017

Off to Osaka

It’s interesting how this trip has ended where my last trip to Japan began – Osaka, Tokyo’s odd little brother. Slightly grungier, slightly sleazier, love hotels dotted on every street corner and the first sighting of any litter scattered in the streets. I can’t remember what I found quite so magical about this city last … Continue reading Off to Osaka

Japan 2015

A video from a while back when Hannah and I ran away to Japan and South Korea for the winter holidays. Unfortunately my GoPro decided to pack it in and die after the third day so this video is only a very short snippet of our adventure. Still brings a tear to my eyes though. Continue reading Japan 2015