Phnom Penh

All aboard the bus (yet again), this time we’re headed to Phnom Penh. With a driver who I swore should have developed repetitive strain injury from constantly beeping his horn, to the women sitting in front of me eating boiled eggs, to the air conditioning piling, and the horrendous amateur tv show blaring in Cambodian…it … Continue reading Phnom Penh

Siem Reap

Siem Reap – the city of food, drink, and a bit more drink. We have become regulars at the Central Cafe, enjoying breakfasts such a fruit salad, pesto scrambled eggs, french toast, and eggs benedict, plus a glass of Baileys to start the day (and end it most nights as well) never went astray. You … Continue reading Siem Reap


Before leaving for this trip, and even throughout, I have been warned time and time again about the tricks and scams that are often played on tourists. Though I knew all the tips from home would never be a full proof plan, and sooner or later I’d experience it firsthand. Welcome to Cambodia, or Scambodia … Continue reading Scambodia