You’ll phind me in Phuket

Well I’ve been to Thailand before, but now I can say I’ve been to paradise. The last few days have been such a whirlwind but in the best possible way – like the  kind of whirlwind you create when you mix the bubbles into your bath. Speaking of which, I’m currently sitting in my ensuite, filling up my enormous stone bath with petals and bath salts. As I said, I’m in paradise.

It all started with the reunions of all reunions, a moment that will no doubt stay with me for a lifetime. Having the same butterflies in your stomach as you did meeting him for the first coffee a year ago is pretty special. Even if he surprised me with some unsightly facial hair, his smile was still visible so I was set.

Next the reunions kept flowing until the (lit af) fam was a solid unit again. Something I felt pretty honored to be part of. And what a place to do it – The Sarojin  in Khao Lak, Phuket, aka paradise. Private suites with beds the size of my room, an adjoining bathroom with open waterfall shower and enormous stone bath, spas on the deck, and even a resident cat if you’re lucky. The gardens are sprawling and the pool is stunning. Days are spent lounging by the pool, playing croquet in the garden, walking the length of the beach and chasing hermit crabs, getting massages to the sound of the waves, and enjoying all day breakfast all day long.


Thankful for the sleeping pill I popped on the flight over here, I made it to the most incredible, bucket-list-ticking birthday dinners. Picture this: candle lit dinner on the beach, 12 courses cooked right in front of you, the sounds of the waves, the best company and all to celebrate the birthday of a pretty special person. Finished with lighting our own laterns and setting them off into the sky. Something that has actually always been on my bucket list. Tick. Nothing could ruin a night like that, even rain.


Don’t know how much more of this paradise I can handle, but I’m pretty sure it’s much more. Would love to share more, but drinks are calling!

E x


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