New day, new holiday.

This time a year ago I had just returned from an amazing and unforgettable six week journey around south-east Asia. Over the past few months as I helped countless friends plan their own adventures of south-east Asia (where to go, where to eat, how to beat the scams, how to have the most incredible fun, etcetera etcetera) I soon realised that without my own crazy-fun-filled adventure to plan, I would drive myself insane.

Insert Hannah.

Armed with our lonely planet guide, some pretty massive jumpers, and a whole lot of anticipation – the dynamic travelling duo are headed to the shores of Japan and South Korea.

So dear Facebook friends and fiends, expect selfies, expect sushi, expect havoc, and to hear my stories for months after I return. And more importantly, yes, I will help you plan your winter wonderland adventure to Japan for next year.

Sayonara for now, bitches.

P.s. I have changed the name of the ‘Dare to Try’ food list in the lonely plant to ‘2015 New Years Resolutions’. What’s a little pufferfish, partially fermented soybeans, sea urchins that taste like distilled tidal pools, sea cucumber, or sperm-filled reproductive gland of a fish gonna do to me! Bring it on Japan. My chopsticks are chopping!

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