To a new adventure

I remember this feeling. The nerves that come before a trip. The perfect mixture of excitement and apprehension. But this time feels different, because this time is different. This time is less about escaping my norm and losing myself. This time is more about finding myself; and finding my other half again. We’ve been separated for a … Continue reading To a new adventure

New Years Eve

There was one thing that my last post didn’t account for. One particularly, incredibly fun thing. New Years Eve. Now, unfortunately I can’t remember this night quite clearly enough to write a proper post, so instead I’m going to deliver it by poem. Hope you enjoy.  It all started when… The boys shouted us food … Continue reading New Years Eve


As a capital city, Vientiane disappointed. In comparison to Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, there wasn’t much to do, and that there was to do wasn’t that good. We did however score with dinner. After roaming the streets for what felt like hours until we found a place that we deemed ‘safe’, we stumbled across … Continue reading Vientiane