To a new adventure

I remember this feeling. The nerves that come before a trip. The perfect mixture of excitement and apprehension. But this time feels different, because this time is different. This time is less about escaping my norm and losing myself. This time is more about finding myself; and finding my other half again. We’ve been separated for a month and it’s been an adventure in itself – learning the importance certain people have in your life. And it is this realisation that has sparked my travel bug again, because after all, it’s not where you travel that really counts, but who you go there with.

So here is to many more adventures with you. Here is to more nerves and more apprehension. Here is to more new beginnings, and to finding ourselves by completely losing ourselves in each other.


E x



How to relive your holiday

I don’t know why I never thought of doing this, but I love editing movies and often film my holidays and this is what I produced from my trip to South East Asia. I visited Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

New day, new holiday.

This time a year ago I had just returned from an amazing and unforgettable six week journey around south-east Asia. Over the past few months as I helped countless friends plan their own adventures of south-east Asia (where to go, where to eat, how to beat the scams, how to have the most incredible fun, etcetera etcetera) I soon realised that without my own crazy-fun-filled adventure to plan, I would drive myself insane.

Insert Hannah.

Armed with our lonely planet guide, some pretty massive jumpers, and a whole lot of anticipation – the dynamic travelling duo are headed to the shores of Japan and South Korea.

So dear Facebook friends and fiends, expect selfies, expect sushi, expect havoc, and to hear my stories for months after I return. And more importantly, yes, I will help you plan your winter wonderland adventure to Japan for next year.

Sayonara for now, bitches.

P.s. I have changed the name of the ‘Dare to Try’ food list in the lonely plant to ‘2015 New Years Resolutions’. What’s a little pufferfish, partially fermented soybeans, sea urchins that taste like distilled tidal pools, sea cucumber, or sperm-filled reproductive gland of a fish gonna do to me! Bring it on Japan. My chopsticks are chopping!

New Years Eve

There was one thing that my last post didn’t account for. One particularly, incredibly fun thing. New Years Eve. Now, unfortunately I can’t remember this night quite clearly enough to write a proper post, so instead I’m going to deliver it by poem. Hope you enjoy. 

It all started when…

The boys shouted us food
And once we were all in the mood
We downed our last cup
Fair to say we were ready to get “fuuucccckkeddd  up!!”
Headed back to our room
Where there were more drinks to consume (Baileys) 
Found Robert just in time
Threw down a few Vodka, lemon, and lime
Headed to Gecko Bar 
Thank god it wasn’t far 
Happy hour twenty-four/seven 
I think its fair to say we were in heaven 
Kyle and Peter raced with the beers 
Took a photo doing cheers 
Attempted to send Ali a snapchat
Never made it, our minds were so scat 
Partying in the hostel downstairs
Standing on tables, our arms in the air 
Bar staff poured tequila in Suzie’s mouth
Straight from the bottle, things started turning south 
With fifteen minutes to go, the bar suddenly shut down 
We were out the door quickly, and running madly around town
Pushing through queues to get to a bar 
It had been an awesome new years already so far 
My biggest mistake was shouting the shots
Seven tequilas costs lots and lots and lots 
We counted down together as the clock struck 
All My mind could think was fuck fuck fuck
A new year had started, 
But a good one had parted 
Midnight kisses were swapped and shared 
Innermost feelings were declared 
Suzie drank with the locals, 
I let rip some of my best vocals
Hannah swiped a beer from a crate 
Kyle and Peter’s dance moves were nothing but great
Went searching for food at two in the morning, 
Just as the locals day was dawning, 
Our livers we have surely condemned 
Lucky Kyle has two of them 
Covered in five layers of sweat, 
A night I can’t really remember, but will never forget. 


As a capital city, Vientiane disappointed. In comparison to Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, there wasn’t much to do, and that there was to do wasn’t that good. We did however score with dinner. After roaming the streets for what felt like hours until we found a place that we deemed ‘safe’, we stumbled across a stall that didn’t even seem like a restaurant. But with simple Lao dishes at cheap prices, we were sold. While the food was delicious, the owner and waiter, a 23 year old Yale graduate who was only too happy to boast the fact, did get a bit annoying, and once he and his friends asked us to join them for drinks, we knew we had to hit the abort button. Quickly.

While the markets disappointed, it was nice to retire to the hostel, Silhome Backpackers, to watch a movie. Our hostel had awesome vibes. Every wall was covered in drawings and street-graffiti style art. The staff were awesome, especially our ‘boyfriend’.

The positives of Vientiane:
Free bottle of Vodka from our ‘boyfriend’ at the hostel.
Jumping on the back of our ‘boyfriends’ scooter and being taken to a local club where we were the only tourists and had everyone stare at us.
Riding bikes without breaks around the city.
Bumping into people we’d met previously on our trip.
And the COPE Centre – a free exhibition in the rehabilitation centre which told of the horrors that happened in Laos during the Cold War period. Laos was bombed every 8 minutes, 24 hrs a day for 9 years. What is worse is that the UN had declared Laos a neutral country and yet they were still subject to this. To this day the country is still covered in unexploded mines, that continue to kill and maime innocent people regularly. It was incredible to see the efforts of a range of program’s established to fix this problem – teams of people dedicating their life to detonating each of these bombs individually.

Off to Cambodia now. Enduring a few days of death before we get there. Fingers crossed we don’t get scammed.

E x