I’m lovin’ it…Laos that is

First day of Laos and all I can say is wow. I love it. A day of temple-hopping, treatments and treasure hunts, I’m already beginning to feel symptoms of the so-called ‘travel bug’ coming on. Walking down the main street, you can definitely feel a French influence in the shop-fronts and produce. Not to mention the many delicious looking (and smelling) bakeries lining the street! After a kick-starting coffee, we scoured the town for temples. Buddhist temples are quite something. The detail and effort that is put into their appearance is incredible, and quiet different from the church designs back home. Whether carved into gold, glass mosaic or intricate painted patterns, each temple was unique and a treat for the eyes.

Next on our list, however, included a treat for our body. After slogging it for the past few days – either trekking around a city for hours on end, or finding ourselves stuck in the same position for multiple hours – we decided it was time to be pampered. While it wasn’t the greatest facial in the world, I did enjoy the chance to lie back and put my feet up…so much that at one point I think I fell asleep…

Today included more than one treasure hunt. The girls had found a cute little cafe come book store where you could buy or swap books, as well as get food. We wandered far to find it, only to stumble across it later while looking for something else (always the way). After all scanning the shelves I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was the only one to get something (are you proud mum?? I bought a book!). The main treasure hunt, however, was tackling the night markets. An abundance of colours and culture, Christmas presents were bought, essentials were bought, and of course, a little bit more! After all meeting up again, we stumbled home before curfew, but not before stopping off at the corner store to buy some chocolate that we’d all be craving.

Elephants and waterfalls tomorrow I believe. Cannot wait.

E x

P.s. Sorry Mum, I’ve been terrible at posting. I need to find a chance to sit down with Internet and catch up on posts and photos! Promise to do so soon. Also will call you when I next get a chance. Missing you. Always look forward to snapchats from Jack. Xx

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