One night in Bangkok

Dear Mum,
Arrived safe. Found my phone. Lost the hostel. Found the hostel. Found the protest, and thankfully quickly lost it.

You’ll be impressed to hear that I ate food on the flight – three crunchie chocolate bars, a biscuit, cheese and crackers, and hot chocolate. Spent the rest of the time between my Lonely Planet guide and the latest episodes of An Idiot Abroad – both equally resourceful.

After finally finding our charming hostel (Born Free) we went for a walk along to Khou San Road – backpackers paradise! You’ll be happy to know that the hostel is also home to two adorably small and fluffy kittens called Peanut and Tiny. I asked the manager if I could steal one to sleep on my bed to fill the massive Harry-sized void that will surely be there tonight.

Other than that, there is not much to report. Spent the afternoon settling in and I’m sure the true adventure will begin tomorrow. Alas, we are only staying one night in Bangkok for the beginning of our trip, but let’s hope it doesn’t unfurl like the plot of Hangover 2…or 3? I forget which one was set in Bangkok…the distinctions in the storynlines is so blurry.

Will try to get some photos up on here or Facebook.


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