Melbourne Musts

“Do you know anywhere good to eat in Melbourne?” This message has been popping up in my inbox more and more frequently over the last few years. Maybe it has something to do with millions of pictures of meals that consume my mobile memory, or the somewhat mad ramblings of my love-affair with the not … Continue reading Melbourne Musts

I’m a Traveller

To be able to write for the Traveller…yeah, that’s pretty up there on my list. So when a competition was released with the chance of winning a Gecko Tour Adventure around either Central America, Africa or South East Asia, as well as the opportunity to write for Traveller, I got writing. Here goes nothing: On … Continue reading I’m a Traveller

Japan 2017

Last time in Japan my GoPro decided to die three days into the trip and I managed to make a movie with the little scraps that I had. This time I had two GoPro’s and far too much footage to know what to do with. But this is what I came up with… Continue reading Japan 2017