How to relive your holiday

I don’t know why I never thought of doing this, but I love editing movies and often film my holidays and this is what I produced from my trip to South East Asia. I visited Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

My Chiang Mai

Markets and temples topped our to-do list today. After learning from our mistakes yesterday, we hopped aboard a friendly truck and made our way to the local Warorot markets. A three story high complex, we sought out the bargains from the bull#*$t, before rewarding ourselves with an authentic meal among locals. Having to pay to use the bathroom but not being able to afford to get toilet paper and instead having to use the napkins from lunch almost felt like a kind of initiation into the “backpacker” way of life.

After that we went exploring the many temples scattered throughout Chiang Mai. All of the with their original features, but all adorned with gold, statues of Buddha and intricate detail. My personal favourite was Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, located in the mountaintop, 11 hundred metres above sea level and 700 metres above the city. While the view was spectacular, it was difficult to draw your eyes away from the temple itself. It was covered in gold, and decorated so thoughtfully and elaborately. The gardens surrounding were equally as magical, making the 700-odd stairs up to the temple well worth the climb.

To finish off the day on a high, we tackled Chiang Mai’s famous Night Bazaar where we grabbed gifts for both ourselves and our Kris-Kringles (which we have organised to help make Christmas all warm and fuzzy!). While Suzie helped herself to a much appreciated massage, the rest of us went to an interesting ‘roof-top’ bar located within the market, tasted some traditional Thai whiskey, while watching an in appropriately dressed, drunk middle-aged woman hit on almost everyone guy in the bar, and then proceed to jump up on stage and throw out some killer vocals and dance moves. Needless to say, she provided much entertainment for the night.

We wrapped the day up quiet early – most of us still blaming it on jet lagged, but also because tomorrow is Ali’s birthday and we have a lot planned!!!

Will try to get some photos up soon.

E x